21 Interesting Facts about Julia Child

Aug 7th 2018

August 15th, 2018 would have been Julia Child’s 106th birthday. Her French culinary creations, her bigger than life personality; and her leadership in bringing French cuisine to the 1950’s American public, are a few of the things for which she is most well known. There are, however, other lesser known facts about her life. Here are 21 fascinating facts about one of the world’s most loved chefs.

  1. She was 6’ 2” tall.
  2. She was fired from her job in advertising.
  3. She was a breast cancer survivor.
  4. It was her time living in China that made her interested in food.
  5. She was the first woman inducted into the Culinary Institute of America’s Hall of Fame.
  6. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  7. She lived to be 92 and attributed her long life to red meat and gin.
  8. She played basketball for Smith College.
  9. She worked with scientists to create a shark repellant.
  10. Because she was too tall to join the Women’s Army Corps, she joined the Office of Strategic Services. She began as a typist but quickly moved up to being a top secret researcher, or as some people like to say - a spy.
  11. It took her 9 years to get her cookbook published.
  12. She was the first educational TV personality to win an Emmy. She would ultimately be nominated for eight Emmys and won a total of three over the course of her lifetime.
  13. Her grandfather was the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.
  14. She donated her home to Smith College and her kitchen to The Smithsonian.
  15. You can rent her house in Provenance.
  16. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in history.
  17. Her last meal was French Onion Soup.
  18. It wasn’t until her mid-30’s that she learned to cook.
  19. Her show the The French Chef was PBS’ first cooking show.
  20. There is a butter colored rose named after her.
  21. One of her favorite meals was Beef Bourguignon. Order it today!

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