4 Fun Reasons to Stop by Our UES and UWS Stores!

May 24th 2018

Babeth’s Feast is known for chef-crafted meals shipped nationwide. But did you know we have two convenient locations in New York City? Visit our stores on the Upper West Side at 309 Amsterdam Avenue (between 74th & 75th) and our newest location, on the Upper East Side at 1321 Third Avenue (between 75th and 76th) and discover a vast selection of the foods you love online—and more!

Babeth’s Feast store locations feature all of the wonderful appetizersmainssidesbreadspastries and desserts available online for delivery—with a few extras to enhance your shopping experience!

In-store Dining with Daily Menu!

Pull up a seat, relax, and enjoy a delicious chef-made meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The menu changes daily so stop in for lunch and grab dinner while you're at it!

Sous-Vide Demonstrations

Pronounced "Sue-Veed" and French for "under vacuum," Sous-Vide cooking is a technique in which fresh ingredients are sealed in food-safe pouches, submerged in a hot water bath, then simmered low and slow at precise temperatures. This innovative method locks in flavors and nutrients for consistently delicious results, as well as ease of heating up, whenever you're ready!

Free Samples of Our New Dishes!

Stop by one of our stores to taste samples of our delicious foods. They vary day to day, and may include new mains or sides, mouthwatering appetizers and irresistible breads, pastries, and desserts!

Meet a Brand Ambassador for Menu Planning Tips!

Both of our Babeth's Feast stores are staffed with food-loving experts who are delighted to assist you, help you plan family meals or special occasions, or simply point out what's new and noteworthy! No need to make an appointment - just drop in. We look forward to feeding you!