4 Summer Essentials: Grilled & Roasted Proteins, Delivered

Jul 3rd 2018

Babeth’s Feast highlights versatile meal must-haves that don’t require heating up the kitchen or firing up the grill! The salmon, pork chops and chicken are grilled for you—and the beef brisket is already roasted! All four choices are boneless, always antibiotic-free, and awesome with little to no effort, in minutes. Pair up our grilled roasted favorites with any veggie sides, over a simple bed of greens, or with a colorful salad of your own creation. For something light and delectable, try this combo that we recommend as an easy summer meal: Grilled Salmon Fillets (below), beside or on a bed of Roasted Lemon-Parsley Chickpea Salad! This pairing is packed with protein, as well as vitamins and other nutrients to keep you satisfied.

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breasts

Simply grilled antibiotic-free chicken breasts with a touch of sea salt—perfect for a quick, healthy, lunch or dinner, over salad, in sandwiches, and as the main attraction in many beautiful meals. Have them on hand for countless occasions—at the table, in a picnic basket, on a beach blanket, where ever the summer breeze takes you.


Grilled Salmon Fillets

Super-tasty salmon with 5-star reviews! The fillets are simply grilled and lightly seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. They’re fab as is, topped with a sensational sauce, or served over salad, such as: Lentil Salad with Cauliflower Rice and Kale or Roasted Lemon-Parsley Chickpea Salad. This delicious salmon is a lifesaver for tossing together a healthy meal in minutes, so you can focus on relaxing.


Grilled Boneless Pork Chops

These antibiotic-free pork chops are proof that you don’t have to cook to eat well at home. Like the chicken and salmon, they’re lightly seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and pepper—that’s it. Simple, delectable, and perfect paired with Maple Sriracha Glazed Brussels Sprouts—but we wouldn’t want to sway you, so choose any favorite side dish! And, don’t miss these irresistible sauces that are fantastic with pork—what isn’t?!


Roasted Beef Brisket Rubbed in Spices

While it’s perfect for summer parties, picnics and more, this beef brisket is a crowd-pleaser any time of year. A unique blend of spices creates the kickin’ dry rub that adds deep BBQ flavor to a tender cut of antibiotic-free beef that’s roasted just right. Get it delivered to your door so you can dig in any time. Just heat, serve and watch it disappear!