Breakfast Bowls: Fast, Easy, Healthy, Delicious & Delivered

Jun 13th 2018

We know how challenging it can be to fit a healthy breakfast into your routine— particularly when you’re on the run! That’s why we’re excited about the newest addition to our breakfast offerings: super-healthy, yummy and perfectly satisfying breakfast bowls! Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, you’ll benefit from balanced energy that keeps you going. And they’re so fast and easy to prepare, you’ll never have to skip breakfast again! Each of three amazing flavors is delicious warm or cool—simply heat or thaw, and serve!

Breakfast Bowl with Acai

Vegan Breakfast Bowl with Açai

Açai, a delicious berry and superfood, is loaded with antioxidants and the star of this 

vegan breakfast bowl. Açai puree is layered over a rice milk and banana base, then topped with sweet strawberries and blueberries, juicy mango, and crunchy fiber-rich muesli for a delicious, nutritious way to kick-start the day.

Breakfast Bowl with Greek Style Yogurt

Breakfast Bowl with Greek Yogurt

Protein-packed Greek style yogurt and crunchy fiber-rich muesli mingle with juicy red grapes and sweet chunks of apple and peach in this well-balanced bowl. Bursting with natural flavor and nutrients, this deliciously satisfying morning medley is ready whenever you are.

Breakfast Bowl with Low-Fat Yogurt

Breakfast Bowl with Low Fat Yogurt

Nutritious nuts are added to this breakfast bowl for an extra dose of protein, fiber and crunch! 

blueberries and raspberries—it’s deliciously satisfying and an excellent way to keep you energized until lunchtime!Layered with low-fat yogurt, crunchy nut muesli, juicy mango, and the antioxidant power of 

With Babeth’s Feast, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, effortlessly! After devouring one of these delectable breakfast bowls, enjoy lunch, dinner and entertaining with appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breads, desserts and more, delivered to your doorstep and on the table in minutes!