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Our Food

Delightfully real, beguilingly simple, undeniably fresh, French-inspired, flash frozen cuisine, designed for the creative food lover.

Freedom is, according to our founder Elisabeth, the whole point. Freedom to enjoy restaurant quality food without the time and work (and sometimes anxiety) associated with preparing a beautifully cooked meal at home. Freedom to experiment with a variety of dishes, freedom to express your own creativity and passion for food and the freedom to do all of this on short notice with little to no prep time. And of course the freedom to combine food you have made yourself with food we have provided you, allowing for infinite possibilities in your kitchen and at your table.


Delicious bites for hosting happy gatherings, found here! Choose from a delicious variety, handcrafted for spectacular presentation. Whether laid-back game night or celebratory soiree, you'll relax and have fun knowing the food is being savored and the conversation flows.

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Main Courses

All of our mains are made in real kitchens, by real cooks with real ingredients and prepared with extraordinary care. Our focus is on quality and flavor, so we never skimp on the important ingredients and never use any bad additives. Just watch gorgeous meal after gorgeous meal materialize before your eyes...

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Side Dishes

Sometimes, the accompaniments make the meal. And our wide variety boasts every favorite and then some. Crisp greens, creamy mashed vegetables, luscious casseroles, exquisite sauces - all ready in minutes, so you'll have time to relax.

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Our pastry chef confections and artisan ice creams are known to elevate every dessert table, whether you're the host or a guest. And they don't just look good - each delicious bite is simply perfection.

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Whether heading to the office, getting the kids ready for school or hosting a crowd, when it comes to breakfast, easy and delicious works! Keep artisan breads, baked goodies and breakfast basics on hand, to heat and serve at a moment's notice.

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We care about your specific diet needs. That's why we have also classified our products into vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free sections. You can now shop with the comfort of knowing which items are safe for you (but remember to always double-check the label!)

Watch testimonials from Babeth's Feast customers: roommates Sam and David, father and son Kirk and Evan, and busy mom Marie: