Our Food


At Babeth's Feast, food lovers enjoy real food made by real chefs, with real ingredients, all carefully crafted and delivered to your doorstep! When you stock up on your favorites, you’ll enjoy delicious food whenever the mood strikes—at home or in the office, with ease. Our exciting assortment comes together in a mouthwatering array of choices, bringing more of what you crave to the table, whether eating solo or family style: exceptional quality and taste, with effortless prep.

Omnivores and vegans alike will delight in plentiful choices and thoughtful portions—all-natural food made with farm-fresh produce and antibiotic-free proteins, for dishes as wholesome as they are tasty. You’ll find gluten-free and lactose-free options, too. For everyday meals and every imaginable gathering, we’ve got you—with a distinctive variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian fare, including irresistible small bites and sweets. 

Versatility is key. So when you’re in the mood, you can combine foods you whip up yourself with any number of heat-and-serve choices, for infinite possibilities in a fraction of time. You’ll relish the freedom to finesse every cooking endeavor effortlessly—from impromptu gatherings to elegant entertaining. 



Because our customers are passionate about eating well, we feed that passion by offering a level of quality that is unique to the frozen food world. Our head chef is busy, continually developing new recipes, while staying mindful about sourcing the best ingredients, such as local farm-fresh produce and high-quality proteins, always free from antibiotics. Our cooks stay busy, too, doing the work for you, by crafting dishes with an artisanal hand, one small batch at a time—global flavors, go-to classics, and so much more. Using the Sous-Vide method (more on that in a moment), each dish is cooked to perfection in an individual pouch and then flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, locking in flavor and nutrients. You get clean, unadulterated food you can trust—and our commitment to deliciousness shines in every bite. 



Our cooks have mastered the art of small-batch production using the Sous-Vide technique almost exclusively for our Mix & Match meal offerings and The Babeth’s Feast Subscription. French for “under vacuum,” Sous-Vide (pronounced soo-veed) is a method of cooking in which fresh and raw ingredients are vacuum-sealed in a pouch, then gently cooked in a water bath for a precise amount of time, at a precise temperature. By accurately regulating time and temp, the Sous-Vide method allows many of our all-natural recipes to be cooked one pouch at a time, crafting cuisine that’s consistently prepared. Because of the vacuum seal, there’s no need to add preservatives to our antibiotic-free proteins—and our vegetarian offerings are perfected with significantly less fats—all while maintaining the integrity of the pure ingredients we use. When recipes require low-and-slow simmering to ensure tenderness and depth of flavor, we let them simmer overnight for delectable results. Each dish remains sealed in its convenient pouch for fast, easy reheating in water—and your meal lands on the table in 15 minutes or less! 



Freedom is the very essence of Babeth’s Feast. Because when life runs at warp speed, we all crave a little more free time. Our wide range of choices provides freedom for enjoying the foods you love, without the work (and sometimes stress) of pulling together a beautifully cooked meal at home. Enjoy the freedom to explore a variety of options that transform time spent cooking into time spent savoring.

Creativity enlivens our mouthwatering recipes, perfects our cooking methods, differentiates our assortment, and informs the way we share our inspiration. It’s at the core of everything we do. And our dedication to the creative spirit drives us to provide exceptional quality and convenience—so that every food lover can relax and have a seat at the table.

You don’t have to cook to eat well at home.