About Babeth's Feast

Babeth’s Feast provides access to more time, freedom, and comfort with food. Our creative chefs craft small-batch, French-inspired, restaurant-quality food you can savor on your own time—at home and at work. Whether eating with friends, family or solo, enjoy real food, as effortless as it is delicious! With Babeth’s Feast, you don’t have to cook to eat well at home.

Elisabeth's Story On How We Got Started

When I arrived in New York I discovered the city that famously has everything was in fact missing something I loved, something that had become an unlikely staple in my home and entertaining life, something that fed my passion, my friends and my family. And frankly something that would keep up with the pace of life in these modern times.

I first discovered frozen food when I was living in Paris, surrounded by people who are, like me, truly passionate about food. The French have a world-renowned appreciation for their food, an understanding of the importance of real ingredients and of course a flair for expressing these things with creative freedom.

Enjoying the creativity of great food alone or with friends remains an important tradition for me, no matter where I call home. So I founded Babeth’s Feast to bring the French frozen food tradition of creativity and convenience that I love so much to my friends in the United States.

I think you’ll be thrilled with our hundreds of delicious options, as ideal for a simple dinner for one as they are for elegant entertaining. Each dish is made here in the United States, in a real kitchen, by real cooks, with real ingredients, the French way. I founded Babeth’s Feast so that you don’t have to cook to eat well at home. Bon Appétit!

Founder, Babeth's Feast