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The Babeth's Feast Subscription FAQs

What is The Babeth's Feast Subscription? 

The Babeth's Feast Subscription is an exciting new way to experience regularly scheduled deliveries of our most popular main courses and side dishes, combined as complete meals-  to simply heat and enjoy in 15 minutes or less. When you sign up, you’ll be able to customize a variety of 6 or more complete meals for only $9.99 each, and your scheduled weekly or bi-weekly orders are always delivered with FREE SHIPPING. It’s easy to manage your subscription online by simply logging in to The Babeth's Feast Subscription portal.

How does The Babeth's Feast Subscription work?

Once you have signed up for The Babeth's Feast Subscription, you will have the opportunity to choose from 6 or more complete meals—perfectly paired mains and sides that have been carefully curated by our executive chef to help you plan your meals. You will also be prompted to choose billing preferences and frequency of delivery (every week or every two weeks). Once you choose a minimum of 6 complete meals, you will be ready for checkout.

How do I sign up for The Babeth's Feast Subscription?

Click here to visit our The Babeth's Feast Subscription section and follow the prompts to sign up.


What kinds of foods are available with The Babeth's Feast Subscription?

The Babeth's Feast Subscription menu on our website includes a variety of our most popular main courses and side dishes—as always, real food, made by real chefs, in real kitchens, using all-natural ingredients, always free from antibiotics and preservatives. If you have a question about the availability of an item, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 877-968-3327.

When and how often does my purchase arrive?

Once you have selected a minimum of 6 complete meals (6 or more mains + 6 or more sides) from The Babeth's Feast Subscription menu, you will qualify for checkout and be prompted to choose your billing and delivery preferences by selecting weekly or bi-weekly (every two weeks). Once your Babeth's Feast Subscription order is placed, it will be shipped with FREE SHIPPING on the following Monday- (orders placed on Mondays will be shipped on the following Monday). For more information, please visit  The Babeth's Feast Subscription shipping page.

Can I purchase The Babeth's Feast Subscription as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely. The Babeth's Feast Subscription makes a wonderful gift for any food lover! When you purchase The Babeth's Feast Subscription as a gift, the recipient will have access to the subscription portal by using their email address and a password (that the recipient creates), so that they can choose the delivery frequency that works best. For assistance, please call customer service at 877-968-3327.

Can The Babeth's Feast Subscription orders be picked up at your store locations?

No. At this time, The Babeth's Feast Subscription orders are shipped directly to the recipient via Ground Shipping. All Subscription Orders are delivered free of charge.


How can I edit or change my Babeth’s Feast Subscription Order?

  • Log in to your Babeth’s Feast account, and follow the prompt where it says: “View My Subscriptions.”

  • If you do not have an account with Babeth’s Feast, you can sign up for one here.

  • In the View My Subscriptions tab, select DELIVERIES in the upper left hand corner.

  • When you open the DELIVERIES section, view the calendar on the right hand side to view the scheduling of your Subscription deliveries.

  • Click on the highlighted green dates to skip or cancel a delivery.

  • Click the Get This Delivery Button at the bottom of the page and your order will be updated with any new changes.

  • If you need to make any further changes, please contact a customer service representative at 877-968-3327 for assistance or email us at