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The Babeth's Feast Subscription


You don’t have to cook to eat well at home.

Imagine your Babeth’s Feast favorites, always on hand and ready to roll—that’s convenience! Because whether or not you like cooking, you love eating, and time is precious. So when delicious, complete meals land on the table with the greatest of ease, in 15 minutes or lessreal food made by real chefs—you’ve saved time and your kitchen stays clean. Who doesn’t love that?

Creative food lovers: Are you ready to customize your meals? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Shop The Babeth's Feast Subscription


1. Peruse the Babeth's Feast Subscription menu of our most popular mains and sides, to create perfect pairings for complete meals.
  • Choose 6 or more Main Courses
  • Choose 6 or more Side Dishes
  • Each Complete Meal is only $9.99
  • All Subscription Orders Ship Free!

2. Select how often you wish to receive your Babeth's Feast Subscription deliveries.
  • Every week
  • Every two weeks 

3. Select a payment method for your subscription, complete your order, and relax—The Subscription is on the way! 


Orders for The Babeth's Feast Subscription ship on Mondays. Deliveries take 2 to 3 days to arrive, based on where you live. Members of The Babeth's Feast Subscription enjoy FREE SHIPPING on ALL qualifying orders! Click here for further shipping details.


Just like our à la carte cuisine, The Babeth’s Feast Subscription menu spotlights creative, restaurant-quality dishes, made in small batches with all-natural ingredients—always free from antibiotics and preservatives.


Made in real kitchens by real cooks, our lovingly crafted cuisine receives impeccable attention to detail. Dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients—then flash-frozen to preserve freshness, flavor and texture.


Think of The Babeth’s Feast Subscription as your own personal chef! Our enticingly simple dishes—over a dozen mains and many more sides—are on the table in 15 minutes or less. We do the work for you so you have the freedom to relax and enjoy beautifully prepared meals at home.