Amatriciana Sauce

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Amatriciana sauce gets its depth of flavor from Italian pancetta, imported tomatoes, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Enjoy over pasta, seafood, grilled meats or as a topping for crostini! Heat and serve.

Ingredients and Instructions

imported italian whole peeled tomatoes (whole peeled tomatoes, tomato puree), onion, pancetta bacon (pork, salt, contains less than 2% of the following: dextrose, sugar, spices, sodium ascorbate, wine, garlic, starter culture, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrite), parmesan reggiano (cow's milk, salt, rennet) and powdered cellulose (anti-caking agent), olive oil, garlic, sea salt, spices. CONTAINS: MILK.

STOVETOP: Place rinsed pouch in a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Heat for 5 minutes or until heated through. Carefully remove from water with tongs and cut corner of pouch and use. Enjoy over pasta, meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. MICROWAVE: Place pouch upright in a microwave safe bowl, cut top corner to vent. Microwave for 5 minutes, then set aside carefully as contents will be hot. Enjoy over pasta, meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. Microwave cook times may vary depending on oven wattage (1,000w).

Additional Details

10.00 Ounces
serves 2.5
Italian specialties
Dietary preferences:
Dietary preferences:
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