Large Round Meat Ravioli

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Impastata whole milk ricotta cheese makes these ravioli different from the rest. Its sweet buttery taste and naturally smooth texture are trademarks of Talluto's ricotta cheese filling; it's then blended with seasoned ground beef and pork. No whey, gums or stabilizers are ever added to our fillings. For over 50 years Talluto's has worked to perfect generations of pasta making excellence utilizing time honored techniques and the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Ingredients and Instructions

pasta: extra fancy durum wheat flour (milled wheat, niacin, iron, thiamine, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, pasteurized eggs, yellow corn flour (corn oil and beta carotene) filling: beef, pork, whole milk ricotta cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, vinegar, salt), spinach, imported pecorino romano cheese (made from sheep's milk), fresh pasteurized eggs, onions, salt, white pepper, parsley, corn oil, and basil. CONTAINS: WHEAT, MILK, EGGS.

Additional Details

15.00 Ounces
12 pieces
Italian specialties

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