Vegan 6 Meal Sampler

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Vegetarians and omnivores alike cannot resist the flavor-packed delights in this veggie-forward assortment. Each plant-based main and side are free from dairy and animal protein, yet balanced and satisfying, with a variety of whole grains, legumes and farm-fresh produce. Each mouthwatering greatest hit in this vegan friendly sampler is chef-made in small batches with the freshest ingredients, and all are ready in minutes.

Includes six 8-ounce main courses: Chana Masala (2), Eggplant and Chickpea Stew (2), Lentil Chili (2).

Six side dishes: Sous-Vide Asparagus, Brown Rice with Scallions and Bell Pepper, Farro with Root Vegetables, Maple Sriracha Glazed Brussels Sprouts, Fingerling Potatoes with Thyme Sprigs, and Roasted Cauliflower with Salt and Pepper.


Ingredients and Instructions

2 Chana Masala (8oz), 2 Eggplant and Chickpea Stew (8oz), 2 Lentil Chili (8oz), 1 Sous-Vide Asparagus (6oz.), 1 Brown Rice with Scallions and Bell Pepper (6oz), Farro with Root Vegetables (6oz), 1 Maple Sriracha Glazed Brussels Sprouts (6oz), 1 Fingerling Potatoes with Thyme Sprigs (7oz), 1 Roasted Cauliflower with Salt and Pepper (6oz)

Additional Details

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